‘Tiny house’ design in Italy will not be allowed in Italy

In a country where “tiny houses” have become a popular tourist attraction, Italian house designers have warned that it will be illegal for anyone to build a tiny house.

Italian house designers, the Tasso and Tanno, said they would not be able to sell or rent the small-sized dwellings that have been growing in popularity in Italy over the past few years.

“It’s forbidden to use the name Tiny House.

We don’t want to be associated with such a name,” the Tatoos said in a statement.”

We would like to keep the name Tatoi, so that people will not think of it as a house.

We are very aware of the negative image of the name.”

The house designs, which are currently available on the Tassos website, were designed by designers Gianluca Tasso and Alessandro Tannone.

The Tassolas said they had previously worked with the Tannones, and were not surprised that the two families would use the same name.

“This is the second time in three years that the TASSOs have been accused of illegalities,” Tasso said.

“They are very experienced at this kind of work and we are very proud of our work.”

If we had wanted to, we could have bought a building in the area, but we don’t.

“Illegality and mismanagementThe owners of the Tassesons, who are based in Florence, said that they were aware of concerns about the legality of the tiny houses.”

As a legal entity, we have no legal authority over these houses.

But we are taking legal steps to defend ourselves,” a statement on their website said.”TASSOs are not interested in selling the houses and do not want to take legal action.

Our only interest is to continue to make our work with the owners as good as possible.

“Illegal use of the word “tiny”The Italian house design groups have also taken legal action against the owners of three houses built in their names, saying they violated the Italian legal code.”

They are using the word ‘tiny’ to refer to these houses and the TATOs are using it to describe themselves,” the statement said.

The TATOS have no control over them. “

The owners do not own them and are using them as a place for social events and gatherings,” it added.

“The TATOS have no control over them.

We have already registered them with the Italian Ministry of Justice, who is considering whether to take any legal action.”

The statement added that they had also contacted the local police about the illegalities.

Illegal constructionThe TASSO homes are illegal in Italy.

They are not allowed to be used as residences, and are considered to be illegal structures, which can lead to fines.

The construction of the houses is illegal under Italian law, according the TATTO statement.

The statement said that the owner of the property, who they did not name, had been selling them to people for a long time, but the owners had never asked permission to build any more.

“For many years, the owner has been working illegally to construct the houses, but never asked for permission,” the group said. 

“This has been the problem, since we did not ask for permission, because we didn’t know the construction laws.”

Ilustrizzione di Tassola: Ilustrazza da Tato-Punta di Verona, puglia una ritrovamente di Alessandro-Tato-Tannone e Tassoni, fatto di Tasso, fiamma di Tato.

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