Sims House Design Contest: A house designed to look like a house

From the Sims blog, via DesignBolt: A family has designed an original home in the Sims world that’s supposed to look a bit like the house that sits behind the front door of their Sims house.

The house is named Sims House Entry.

It is based on a design from the Sims 3: A New Start.

The designer, Michael J. Smith, says: Sims House entry is a unique, yet original, house design from Sims that allows you to take part in a game of Sims.

The design has a large, open space on the front of the house, with a large open kitchen and a small outdoor dining area.

The design is inspired by the open spaces in the house.

Sims say it is an expression of the idea that it is not only possible to create a new way of living in a house, but also to create new ways of living through living in the world. 

The Sims house design contest runs until July 24. 

You can read more about the contest from DesignBolts blog here