How to build a Lego house design in five easy steps

“It’s kind of like a little version of Lego,” says Joe, the designer of the house in “House Seven,” a new movie starring Chris Pine.

Joe built the house using the Lego Ideas website, and he says he has already had fans ask him to make another version of the same house.

“It looks so much like Lego that you could probably build it,” he says.

“I have a lot of people emailing me saying they are going to make a version of it and they have already.

They want to see what they can do with it.”

“It just looks really cool,” says actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the architect in “Lego House Seven.”

“My house was done about two weeks ago,” he recalls. “

“But I couldn’t even finish it. “

My house was done about two weeks ago,” he recalls.

“But I couldn’t even finish it.

I was like, ‘I need to get the brick, I need to fix the roof, I can’t have that.'”

So, he set up an online petition.

“The Lego community responded in a way that I had never seen,” he said.

“They were so nice.”

“There’s no reason I can see myself ever having a brick house again,” he continued.

“And they were like, this is fantastic.

This is a perfect example of how Lego can be so incredibly inclusive.”

He says the project has helped him understand how the company can be more inclusive in the future.

“If we do something for the whole family, then we can see that the Lego family is really awesome,” he told Newsweek.

“So it is a very good thing that we can do for the Lego community.”

Joe’s petition has garnered more than 9,000 signatures and has garnered the support of Lego’s headquarters in Seattle.

“As a Lego employee, I’m honored to support the efforts of Joe and the other Lego fans,” Lego president and CEO Fabian Mueller said in a statement.

“Legos work with many talented designers and builders across the globe to create innovative and exciting new products, which we hope will inspire our customers and inspire us to do even more.”