The 10 best residential houses designs of 2018

In a year where design has become increasingly important, the most iconic designs of the year are the ones that have made the most impression on the public.

Here are our picks for the 10 best design homes of 2018.1.

Alderwood, UKAlderwood is a contemporary house design by architect Richard Dolan, and its main feature is a simple yet elegant interior.

The house is built in a simple and classic manner, and is a perfect blend of classic style and contemporary design.2.

Avant Garde, FranceAvant Gardes’ design is a mixture of modernist and modernist elements, but its main focus is the use of a traditional structure, which has been the inspiration for its design.3.

Argyle, UKArgyle is a modernist design that features an open kitchen, a modern design and a light interior.4.

Cesar, ItalyCesar is an Italian house designed by the architect Giuseppe Di Modica.

It is known for its simplicity, its open spaces and its use of materials that reflect the period of the Italian Renaissance.5.

Fortuna, UKFortuna is a minimalist design, and it uses minimal elements to bring about the best of the modern design.

It was designed by architect David Brouns and is located in Scotland.6.

Hockley, UKHockley is a beautiful house that has been designed by American architect Philip Larkin.

It uses simple and modern elements to make a home that is both beautiful and functional.7.

La Barge, FranceLa Barge is a house that is designed to make you feel like a guest.

The design focuses on the use, and the warmth of the kitchen, while still keeping its modern style.8.

The House of Heston, UKThe House of Hartman is a large contemporary home designed by British architect Richard Gee, and features a simple, yet stylish interior.9.

The Place du Pays, FranceThe Place du Pauks is a traditional style house with modern touches, and The House is one of the most distinctive and elegant of the house designs.10.

The New House, UKThis house design is designed by a French house designer.

The home is in a modern style, but the simplicity of the design makes it a great example of a minimalist house.