A modern, stylish, chic house design that’s also stylish and classy…

This is a pretty basic, basic house design.

But the owner has gone beyond just the basics by taking some inspiration from the past.

The design is designed to look as if it has been built in the early 1900s, with the original building’s front porch, the kitchen and a huge kitchen counter sitting in the middle of the room.

The house is also designed to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood.

The exterior walls are white, and the interior walls are all glass, and are all black.

The kitchen is located on the top floor, and is just below the fireplace, making it an easy place to cook a delicious meal while sitting at the edge of the kitchen, and enjoying a cool breeze through the windows.

The design also makes use of modern-day materials to give it a modern feel, including reclaimed steel beams, reclaimed glass and reclaimed plastic.

The main floor is the living room, which is also decorated with contemporary and contemporary-inspired materials, including contemporary-style windows, a modern wood-paneled fireplace and modern flooring.

The rest of the home is divided into a small kitchen, dining room, living room and living room/dining room area, which all share the same design and functionality.

The kitchen is an open-plan kitchen, with a wide, open area for seating, and a back-lit fireplace, which adds a nice touch to the space.

The living room is designed with a modern-style rug with a contemporary floral design, as well as a modern light-up tile flooring, a large window and a modern wall of light that beams through the room through a glass panel.

The living room area is also made up of a modern glass panel, with windows that are shaped like a fish, and an arched, rectangular panel that gives the space a modern and classy feel.