When you’re on the go, you need a home design you can customize with a simple app

Posted March 11, 2019 14:00:01When you’re in a rush and don’t have time to work on a whole home project, a smart home can be a good way to save time.

A new smart home app called Sprout is now available for iOS and Android, and it allows you to add home-based elements to your home and make them look more personalized.

The app has two main features.

One is to make the whole home look like a mini-gallery or gallery, where you can find and add your favorites and other decor items to the home.

The other is to create a new room in the house with a custom decor, such as a fireplace, a dining room, or a bed.

The first is more of a concept, so Sprout isn’t a product yet, but the other feature, the ability to customize the entire home with custom decor and make it look more personal, seems to be coming soon.

“If you have multiple rooms, you can make it more personal and more interactive,” Sprout co-founder and CEO Jason Lee told The Verge.

“If you’ve got a lot of furniture and furniture pieces, it could look like that one room in your home.”

The app lets you create your home in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on what you want it to look like.

In portrait mode, you get a bigger canvas area with a lot more color and pattern, while in landscape mode you get an even bigger canvas with less color and less pattern.

Sprout’s team has a lot in store for the future.

For example, the app will soon offer a built-in smart home controller that will let you add and change different smart home features, including the temperature, humidity, and light levels of different rooms.

The app will also let you choose different styles of the home to match your decor.

As for the apps current functionality, Lee says Sprout currently only supports iOS and Windows devices.

He says the next version will support Android devices as well, but there’s no timeline for that.

The Sprout app currently supports multiple home screens.

If you want to add a second screen, you’ll need to tap the Home screen icon to add the screen to the Sprout home.

If the Home Screen isn’t already there, you will have to tap on the new Home screen, and then scroll to the bottom and tap the button to add it.

You can also add multiple homes in the Sprouts app.

The Home screen shows the list of available homes, and you can tap on any of them to add them.

You can add multiple home pages in the app, too.

When you first open the app for the first time, you may notice the home screen has a little sticker icon next to it.

This sticker is a placeholder for the app’s home page, which you can open in Sprout.

The home page displays a list of your homes, including any that are currently installed.

The sticker indicates if you want the homes to be hidden from the home page or visible, so that other users can’t see them.

If you click the sticker, you should see a list with options for how to add homes.

If this isn’t your default home page and you want your home to show up on the app home page (which is where you’ll see your existing homes), you’ll have to add more homes to the homes list, which can be done with a click on the homes button.

You’ll also be prompted to add an entry for each home, to make sure it’s visible when the home is open.

If your home has a large number of homes, you might want to make it easy for other users to add your homes.

To do that, Sprout will also display the home pages of the users who add their homes, as well as the homes of other users.

The homes list will be filled with people who have added homes, so you’ll know whether you’ve added a lot or just a few homes.

If a user is not a member of your household, Spramp will not show the home of the user who added it.

If a user has already added a home, they’ll be shown the home with their name on it.

The user will have access to the app to add additional homes.

When a user makes a request to add new homes, Sprump will show the user’s home pages.

You will be able to search through the home’s pages, see the details of each home in detail, and search for your homes using a search box.

If your home page is listed in the search box, you won’t have to search for it.

If the user adds a home and you’re not a Sprout member, you still can’t add it to the list.

Sprouts is looking to have a dedicated list of homes by 2020.

Lee says that Sprout has a big focus on getting new homes into the hands of