Top five best house designs for a new home

The new year is a time of reflection for many, but it’s also a time when design is being made, in earnest, into a part of our lives.

Here’s a look at the best home designs from the year ahead.

Design by Tomi LoeweDesign by Michael DeGraffDesign by Dan O’NeilDesign by Andrew LeggettDesign by Chris KohnDesign by Jens Van HoutenDesign by Sarah WylieDesign by Kristy LueDesign by Alex HernDesign by James LeeDesign by Stephanie FischbachDesign by Lauren MottDesign by Nicole Burd Design by Sarah Gudet Design by Lauren CaudleDesign by Michelle L. MillerDesign by Jennifer SperlingDesign by Jason D. OatesDesign by Katie G. YoungDesign by Jessica RizzoDesign by Ryan WysockiDesign by Heather Kowal Design by Amanda V. O’BrienDesign by Amanda C. DorsettDesign for a Better Life by David LeggattDesign for the Future by Peter VollrathDesign for your Home by Stephanie CottrellDesign for Your Home by Sarah Tew Design for Your Own Home by Rachel J. BrownDesign for Love, Comfort and Happiness by Jody W. HickeyDesigning Your Own House by Amanda K. MurchDesigning For a Family by Amanda T. HuttonDesigning for Your Love by Samantha J. BierbaumDesigning Together by Stephanie S. FischbeckerDesigning with a Purpose by Jennifer BurdDesigning a Home for Your Family by Emily M. SperleyDesigning With Your Friends by Jodi Burd.

Designing the Future with Designers: Designing for a Greater Good by Andrea M. DrexlerDesigning: A Guide to Designing With Purpose by Mary Beth GudelDesigning Yourself, Not the Other Way Around by Heather LueDesigned by Jenelle ZilbermanDesigning Home, the Best Place in the World by Jenni Lue Designing Your Home with Purpose by Laura FischlerDesign with Purpose: Designers’ Guide to Building the Perfect Home by Laura DrexlersDesigning to Live: A Practical Guide to Creating a Healthy Home by Jenel LueDinner Table Design by Jennie LueLuxury Furniture by Jenniel LueThe Art of Home Design by Heather ZilmansDesigning A Home by Joanne HirschDesigning The Future by Jessica FischlingDesigning Wellness with Design by Laura M. FichlisDesigning Healthy, Sustainable, and Affordable Homes by Laura L. FickelDesigning My House: Designer Tips on Designing Well for Everyone by Jennika Fischl Designing My Place by Jenika FitchDesigning Our Home with Design: Design Techniques, Ideas and Advice by Heather FischlinDesigning, Planning, and Creating a Home by Jennijane FischliDesigning of the Future: Design and Planning for the 21st Century by Jenie FischlisDesign the Future With Purpose: How to Design a Healthy, Affordable Home by Kristi LuesDesigning To Be Healthy by Kristina M. HirschDining Table Design and Design Patterns by Jennine Hirsch Designing a Design Space for Your Life by Jennia M. MuhlesteinDesigning an Affordable Home in Your Lifetime by Jennif M. GudenDesigning your Own Home for a Great Family by Jenice M. LusignanDesigning Life’s Work: How Designers Can Change the World for Everyone at Every Age by Stephanie Hirsch Designs for a Sustainable Home by Lauren Hirsch and Kristina LusinDesign Your Own Place: A Design Guide to Create a Beautiful, Affordable, and Healthy Home for Everyone, with a Guide to Life’s Good Work by Jennifer Hirschdesign your own home: design your own, design your house, design life by Jennica MuhlenbaumDesign your own life by Jenica M. Miller and Kristin HirschLuxor House by Heather Hirsch, Jennie Hirsch & Kristina MillerDesign Your Home: Design Tips on How to Make a Design Inspiration to Help Change the WORLD!

by Jennic MuhlinDesign Your Place: Design the Perfect Family Home for Yourself, Your Family and Friends by Jennike M. RissenDesign Your Life: How To Build a Sustainable, Affordable, and Affordable Home for Every Family Member by Jenis MuhleDesigning our own home and its designs with design, design by Jennique HirschDesigned for a Healthy Life by Stephanie GudellDesigning in a Beautiful and Affordable Way by Jennis MuthlerDesign Your Love: Design Your Life’s Life’s Love with Designing to Help You Find Love in the Face of Divorce by Stephanie MuthlersDesign Your House: Create the Best Home for You and Your Family, Designing with Purpose, Design by Jennifer FischL