Tropical house design and colour design: A tropical house

Designed by renowned Australian landscape architect Paul W. Kelly, this tropical house has been designed to be viewed from all angles, allowing for an overall sense of the outdoors and the tranquility of nature.

The home is situated in the city of Townsville, Australia, with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The house has a total of 17 bedrooms and a full kitchen.

The interior of the house is composed of two separate living rooms and two bathrooms.

The primary bedroom is the ‘kitchen’.

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a large living room door that opens to the main room, with its own ensuite bathroom.

The living room has a dining table and a small lounge area with a fireplace.

A large living-room window overlooks the sea and ocean.

The front of the home is also separated from other rooms by a sliding glass door, which allows a view from the kitchen.

To the left of the kitchen, a large double-hung double-height wall is divided into two separate rooms.

A separate entry hall is located in the rear of the living-rooms.

The master bedroom has a large bed and a queen-sized bath.

The guest bedroom is divided by a single open sliding glass doorway into a bedroom with a bathtub.

The two bedrooms and living room have separate bathrooms.

In the kitchen area, there is a full bathtub, a microwave, sink and sinktop.

A stainless steel sink has an electric shower head and a ceramic dishwasher.

A full-size sink is located on the right side of the master bedroom.

In addition to the kitchen and guest bedroom, there are two separate bedrooms and bathrooms on the south side of this house.

The main living-area has a bed and two chairs, as well as a bath tub and a sink.

The bathroom has a shower head.

A double-length wall separates the kitchen from the guest bedroom.

On the south wall is a small table with a chair, a stool, and a book.

In between the kitchen windows is a large sliding glass window with a full-sized sink and a double-width mirror.

The entry hall on the ground floor is divided, with the entryway facing the ocean.

A window overlook extends from the south entrance.

The door is located just to the right of the entrance.

In front of this door is a double wall with a large showerhead.

A small dining table is located at the end of the wall and is divided between the dining area and a second large dining area.

A set of stairs leads up to the second large living area.

This second living area has a single large window facing the sea.

A sliding glass front door leads to the living area, which is divided with the main living area on one side and the second living space on the other.

On both sides of the dining room are separate, but very similar, dining areas.

A bed and bathtub can be found on the upper level.

The second living room is separated by a separate, open sliding window.

The windows are made of white porcelain.

The ceiling of the main dining area is made of porcelains.

On top of the glass front window, there’s a small window overlooking the ocean, with an attached bathtub and a door.

In a side view of this window, you can see the view of a boat.

On this particular day, the sun was setting.

A view of an ocean wave was visible from the dining table.

In total, there were nine bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a kitchen and master bedroom with ensuite bathrooms.

It was a large house, with three bedrooms, a full bathroom, and two master bedrooms.