A house in a wheel house design

The wheel house designs are a popular house design for those who want to keep their interior space small.

The idea is that you have a central space with a smaller footprint and a wider area to store furniture. 

One of the best wheel house examples in the UK is a small flat with an attached kitchen and living room. 

The kitchen area is a bit bigger than the living room so it is a good place to put a lamp, table and cupboard, while the living area is more of a space with more storage space. 

Another great example is the kitchen and bathroom of a two-bedroom flat in Bristol. 

This home has a wide area of the kitchen to store the essentials, including cooking equipment, dishwasher and sink. 

It also has a great view of the Bristol skyline, so the view from the kitchen is also great. 

And another great example of a wheel home is the two-storey house in Bristol, which is two-stories of two-staircases. 

There are two main reasons for using wheel houses: Firstly, you can make a space that is slightly bigger and is closer to the kitchen. 

Secondly, you will be able to have a larger area to display your living room or bedroom. 

Wheel houses are also very common in smaller cities, where there is a greater need for space and the space can be stored in a more compact space.

This makes it easier to build, but also creates more space problems if you have too much space.

There are also some disadvantages with wheel houses. 

You can’t have a lot of storage space, and the kitchen can’t be too big. 

In a wheelhouse, you need to make sure you have enough storage space in the centre of the house, as well as having the storage space for storage in the corners. 

On a side note, if you are planning to have many people in the house and want to store them all in a single space, you’ll need to consider the space that the kitchen needs to be located. 

Also, wheel houses can be expensive. 

A small flat in Brighton can run you up to £50,000. 

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