World’s top 100 home design homes for 2019

Designers and home-makers in India are busy putting their heads together to build the worlds most iconic homes.

The world’s top 300 home design houses have been voted on by The Globe and Mail readers in the US, UK and Australia, with the votes tallied by the design studio of the National Design Council.

The design houses were voted on on the basis of a survey of 500 residents and professionals in the design and interior design fields in India, China, India and Bangladesh.

“The overall top 100 design houses in 2019 was compiled by a panel of designers, designers, home-designers and professionals from the top design industries in the country, including architects, designers and interior designers,” the National Designer Council told The Globe.

The top 100 was compiled based on votes received from residents and home industry professionals from across India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh, who had to answer the survey.

In the survey, residents were asked which design houses they thought were the most popular, which were most beautiful, most spacious, and most beautiful in their home, the National Architectural Survey of India (NADSI), a government-funded body, told The Post.

The NADSI’s panel, which is composed of architects, interior designers, builders, architects and home builders, is tasked with overseeing and evaluating the designs submitted by the public in the NADSIs survey.

A number of the top 100 designs featured in the survey were chosen by a group of top house designers, which include the likes of Arun Shukla, Arjun Kapoor, Arvind Kapoor and Sunil Agarwal.

The group of designers is known as the Design and Interior Design Council (DIC).

The top 100 houses are all from the Indian design and design industry, with three of the designs featuring in the poll, the Nadi, Nadeem and Bajaj.

In the poll of 500 members of the design-world, the DIC had selected two of the four designs.

The other two were from China, which featured a single design.

The two designs, Nadi and Nadee, are from a single home.

In total, more than 40 design houses from India, Nepal and Bangladesh were selected by the Dic, which also selected a total of 12,000 votes from the global home-and-home design community.

The poll was conducted by a joint team of The Globe, NADSi, the Association of Indian Architects (AIA) and The Association of Architectural Professionals (AAP).