When is a shed house too fancy?

The term ‘shed house’ has long been associated with traditional houses built with traditional materials, but in recent years, the term has been applied to a wide range of styles, from ‘modern’ sheds with traditional furnishings to ‘old school’ sheds.

The term has even found its way into the design of some contemporary design studios, where it’s used to describe a home’s appearance, and is sometimes even used to identify the aesthetic of a particular house.

The trend is growing in popularity, with more and more homes being converted to shed homes, and some brands have started to use the term to describe their aesthetic.

The best shed houses?

The best sheds in Australia 1 of 9 • 2 of 9 The term is often used to refer to modern sheds that have been retrofitted with modern conveniences such as air conditioning, and which have been given a modern aesthetic to match.

Some of these sheds have been designed by the same designer for more than a decade.

Here are our top 10 favourite shed houses.1.

Alhambra, NSW2.

Albury, Victoria3.

Abbotsford, Victoria4.

Blyth, Queensland5.

Bligh, Victoria6.

Blacktown, New South Wales7.

Blenheim, NSW8.

Bolton, NSW9.

Brunswick, Queensland10.

Bondi Beach, QueenslandThe term ‘shed house’ is often associated with classic sheds that are designed to have the look of a traditional house.

However, some shed houses are built with a modern twist, with the idea being to modernise the style and add a modern touch to a traditional shed.

Here is a list of some of the best sheds that feature modern design elements.1, Albury’s Alhambrady is a modern design studio that has been around for more of a decade than its namesake.

Located in the central NSW town of Blacktown and based on a property which is currently undergoing development, the studio’s shed houses feature modern, modern touches such as a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a large pool and garden.

Albany’s Albady Sheds are made from recycled materials and are made to last and look great.2, Bligh’s Bligh shed houses have been around since 2002, but they’re not just any sheds, they’re also called shed houses because they feature a large, open-plan shed that can be fitted with any modern or classic furnishings, including an oversized dining room, and an open-kitchen area.

Blish Sheds and its sister shed house, the Bluebird shed, have been in Bligh since 2007.3, Brunswick’s Brunswick shed houses come with a large open-and-plan kitchen with a central area for storage.

These sheds are made in Brunswick and feature a modern, contemporary design.

Brunswick’s Shed houses are designed in a traditional style, and offer a range of modern amenities, such as stainless steel counters, appliances, a large garden and an air conditioning system.

Brunswick Sheds offer a more modern look to their sheds, and are also available in a range more traditional, such the Stirling shed houses or the Westport shed houses, which are made up of a shed, a shed shed, and more shed.4, Blyt, QueenslandBlyt Sheds have been established in Blytt, Queensland since 2005, and have been featured on a number of occasions in The Australian, including the Australian’s best shed house of the year, and featured in a few of the ABC’s best sheds, including:The Blyton shed houses in Blynstow, Queensland are one of the most iconic sheds in Brisbane, and their design has earned them a reputation for being a unique and stylish shed house.

These shed houses offer a modern and modern style, featuring an open plan kitchen, open storage, a pool and an outdoor deck.

Blynthow Sheds in BLYtt are made of reclaimed materials, and feature modern elements including an open kitchen, a central storage area, and several shed-style areas.5, Boonah, QueenslandThis shed house is a true pioneer in the shed design world.

Founded in 1989, Bongah Sheds offers shed houses designed by architects and designers that are modern and contemporary.

These houses feature a central open plan design with a kitchen, an open storage area and an indoor swimming pool.

Bongahs Sheds shed houses boast modern elements such as the use of stainless steel and stainless steel countertops, which adds to the feel of a modern shed.6, Blacktown’s Blacktown Sheds come with modern design features, such a large shed that allows you to fit any modern, classic or classic style furnishings in a modern space.

The design also includes a large kitchen with an open layout.

Blacktown Shed houses offer modern design details that include stainless steel shelving, a dining room with an air-conditioning system, a small