What You Should Know About the Biggest New York House News (with links to more information)

It is the first time in over a decade that the city’s biggest house, the 1.5 million square-foot Chelsea House, has seen a new house come into being.

On Wednesday, a new owner announced that they will be opening a home on the block with a new name and design.

In an interview with Gothamist, owner Paul Bertozzi said the new house will be named after the character of Harry Potter and that it will feature a “big living room with a small bedroom.”

He also announced that he and his wife have signed a letter of intent to buy the property and turn it into a small studio.

It was originally built in 1894 and was later moved to the 5th Avenue and Eighth Avenue neighborhood in the 1960s.

The first-floor, one-bedroom home will be owned by the Bertozzis and will feature the same design as the 1,550-square-foot home they bought in 2002.

Bertozzo said that the new home will have “great finishes and an open kitchen,” and that the space will be “big enough to fit two or three people comfortably.”

The couple’s daughter, Sarah Bertozis, is the lead designer for the project.

She is the same designer behind the Brooklyn-based house that won the Design and Construction Award at the 2017 International House of Design Awards.

The Bertozes bought the property in 2002 and have been working on the home for the last seven years.

Brenton Gebhart, the new project’s principal designer, told Gothamist that the home will look like a “living room with big living room and small bedroom” and that its “exquisite form” is what makes it “unique.”

The Bardozes are also the owners of the New York Times Best-Selling Book House, and their son, Ryan, recently started work on a book about the home.