The new pole house design concept looks a lot like the original

The pole house is the ultimate home for those who want to make a splash, but don’t have the budget to spend on a custom home.

Designed by the famous architect, Roberta Lofts, the pole house sits on a hill and is inspired by a traditional house.

The pole house was created by Roberta and Paul Lofts.

The duo started out with a simple idea: “We wanted to make it look like a traditional home, and it turned out to be a little bit of a mess,” Paul Loft told The Washington Post in 2015.

“The pole was so tall and wide, and the ceiling was so high, that it was a little too tall.”

In a video from the Lofts show, the couple describes the pole as an homage to their family home, the Tudor Revival.

“I have two children, so I have to build a house on a little piece of land that has been around forever,” Paul says in the video.

“This was a house that I thought was pretty, it was very traditional.”

The pair decided to build the pole after watching a documentary about the Tudors.

The Lofts had a conversation with a woman from England, who described the house as “the ideal place for the children to grow up in.”

The Lofts’ idea was to make the pole look like the home of a young family, and then add a few elements of the home.

“We went with the house that was already on the ground, so we were going to put the roof up,” Paul explained.

“And then we added some walls.”

They also added a few wooden beams, a wooden door and some of the flooring.

The house is also filled with glass, metal and doors, and is clad in wood.

The house’s design is not unique.

“You can see it all over the world,” Paul said in the interview.

“Every house is different.”

The Loft family hopes that this pole house will be something people will look at for years to come.

The Lofts are the latest addition to the line of designer house shoes.

The company has built a line of high-end footwear for athletes and athletes-turned-fashion designers, including the Paul Lofty and the Roberta Lefts.