What you need to know about the Victor House Design and Designers of Victor house

The Victor House is the architectural icon of the Victorian era, a collection of five Victorian houses, each designed by the same architect: Robert Graves, Thomas J.W. Brown, Robert Brown, Henry W. Woodruff, and Thomas W. Wotton.

The house was designed in 1885 by the Brown Brothers, and was designed by Wotton, who was the nephew of the late John Brown.

The architect of the house was William R. Brown (1903-1988), a prominent architect who was known for his use of modernism.

The original house, which was built in 1892, was a landmark in the Victorian architectural tradition, and the home has been a fixture in American culture ever since.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the building’s completion.

The houses featured on the list were originally planned by Brown Brothers architect and landscape architect William R Brown.

However, when the design for the Victorian House of the Year was presented to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Wotton said that the house should not be included.

The Architectural Digest article The following is a list of the Victor house designs that were completed between 1885 and 1929.