The world’s coolest homes design contest is here

It was a good day for home design, as a series of home design contests were being announced.

A number of these contests featured the most incredible designs, such as this gorgeous house designed by Apti, which is based on the model of a French colonial house.

But for some, the competition was less about design and more about fun.

The world-famous home design contest known as the Guggenheim Museum was giving away a chance to win a house design.

It was up to you to design your own, or just design your best idea.

And if you didn’t think your house could beat the competition, you were not alone.

The winner of the Gugs competition is…

The world is home, so this is no good.

#Gugs #Guggenheim #GUGDotCom — The Guggeheim Museum (@Guggeheim) October 7, 2018This is no contest to be won, you must design your very own home.

You can win the prize and be crowned the GUGDOTHOF.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!#Gugs#GugGenheimThe winner will receive an invite to the museum for the GIGENHEIM exhibition in 2019.