A home extension with a twist

A home design studio that’s been living on a corner in a busy part of the city has turned to crowdfunding to turn their concept into a reality.

For this latest project, they’ve launched their home extension design studio called The Studio, which allows for people to design their own home extension.

The Studio is a living room extension that extends from the kitchen through the living room, with a staircase that leads to the bedrooms.

This means that a person could have their own living room area in the kitchen extension, or they could add a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen to the extension.

The Studio uses a 3D printer to create the house extension and then uses an app to design the final product.

As the name suggests, the studio also has a live demo.

It was built by the studio on their studio lot, which was a home in a quiet part of town.

They had already been looking for a space that could accommodate a studio, and this space was perfect.

With their new studio space, they’re also looking to expand their existing space.

They’re also currently working on a larger extension that would expand the kitchen.

They also hope to add a dining room and a bedroom on the extension, which they’ve created for a client who is a chef.

They’ve put their own twist on the concept, with the kitchen and living room being separate rooms that are connected by a staircase.

The Studio’s plans for the extension are to extend the kitchen into the living rooms, and the living space into the kitchen, which is designed to be very open and inviting.

You can find out more about The Studio here.

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