Why a house staircase design could save your life

Designed by a London architect, a London house staircase will save you from drowning in a bathtub or sinking your house into a storm drain.

The staircase design is a response to the tragic death of a Londoner named Jane, who was found dead in the pool of a house in the heart of Kensington in 2015.

The designer said the staircase was designed to prevent drowning and other serious injuries.

“We want to create a beautiful design that can bring comfort and hope to our users,” says designer and founder of design house design House.

“It’s a real testament to Jane’s spirit and commitment to make things a better place.”

The designers believe the staircase can also act as a “safety valve” in the event of a serious accident.

“It was designed with the purpose of saving the life of the user by making it safer for the user and for the community,” says House.

“Our users will know that they have a safe and secure environment and they can be sure of the safety of their home.”

If someone gets caught in the water and is drowning, they will not have to think about it and worry about how to get out.

“The staircase was built using a specially designed concrete floor, an air bubble and a series of metal columns.

The designer says the design allows the user to feel safe, while also being able to use the stairs to get around.

If the house’s stairs have collapsed in an emergency, they can still be accessed via an elevator or a lift.

But the stairs have an emergency-exit door that can be locked if necessary.”

Our stairs are designed to be safe, as they do not need to be raised in an accident and can be accessed from any of the emergency exits on the house,” says the designer.

It is not clear when Jane’s home will be demolished.

In 2017, the Kensington and Chelsea Council voted to demolish the property in order to save the life the family, who were both aged between 25 and 37.

Jane’s family is one of more than 40,000 people who have died since 2010 in London’s Kensington borough alone, according to the charity Families Against Homescapes.

House’s designs have also been shown to save lives in other cities, such as London and New York, which have also seen deadly house fires.