House design by China’s Kwon Chung-suk

Design by Kwon Chang-sul, who won a Design House Award in 2018 for the design of a house in Myanmar, has become the subject of a backlash after the design was criticized for its resemblance to the House of Saud.

Kwon Chung, a Chinese designer and one of the country’s most prominent artists, said on his official Twitter account Wednesday that he had created a new house in Rakhine State that is “not like the House” in its design.

In the House, a white marble-like structure stands above a green forest with an iron gate.

A red border with the name of the state is painted on the facade, as well as on the exterior wall of the house.

Kwon’s design was condemned by some as a “savage” depiction of Myanmar’s ancient culture and history.

The criticism comes as a wave of violence has swept through the state of Rakhines after months of unrest sparked by a crackdown on protesters.

Rakhine is one of Myanmars most ethnically and religiously diverse regions, where ethnic and religious minorities have faced deadly discrimination for decades.

The violence has killed thousands of people and displaced millions, with the government blaming the protests on Muslim militants.

Earlier this week, the interior minister said he was suspending the state’s plans to build the new house, citing a lack of security.