House designs that don’t cost a fortune

Design house decorating and decorating a farmhouse house is the ultimate DIY project.

It’s so simple, yet so satisfying, with such a simple and straightforward goal.

Here are 10 of our favorite farmhouse design ideas that will make you feel at home in your home.


The “farmhouse” house from The Farmhouse Book: This one might sound like a little thing, but you can make it your own with this beautiful design by American artist, Joe Wachter.


The home by Jana St. John from Jana’s Homes: St. Johns is a master at capturing her rural roots and making them her own.


The house by Lotte DeFo, from the book Living in the Country: “We’re just a bunch of farm animals on a farm, living in the woods.”


The farmhouse by Tami Hutton, from her book House Designs for Dummies: “I was born in an old farmhouse.

I grew up in a barn.

It was kind of like a farm in a small town.”


The barn-style farmhouse from The House of the Gods: The design is very similar to a barn in an American village, but it’s more rural and traditional.


The cozy farmhouse in a rural house by Julie Kish from Designing the Home: The home is small and intimate, and it’s cozy and cozy.


The tiny farmhouse with its porch and kitchen from the Bookshop: A small-town farmhouse makes a lovely cozy home.


The rustic farmhouse and barn-like house by Jannette DeFoe, from Design & Home: It’s a cozy little house, made for the outdoors.


The quirky farmhouse for the little one by Jenny Krieger, from Homes & Homebook: This cozy little farmhouse is perfect for children who can’t be in the house all the time.


The minimalist farmhouse designed by Kate H. and her husband David H., from the Design & Homes book: It feels like the perfect small house.