‘A real estate agent who is obsessed with slippers’

A real estate agency in Israel has been inundated with inquiries about designer slippers.

“When I went to the agency, they didn’t even know I had a designer house,” says Sara Rosen, owner of The House Slippers.

The firm started selling shoes for around 10 years.

They’ve been selling shoes in the United States since 2011, with the United Kingdom as their largest market.

“I’ve never been into the fashion business,” says Rosen, whose shoes are inspired by the Jewish tradition of kippa, a traditional shawl.

“But the more I learned about what makes the Jewish people beautiful and what makes their people great, the more that’s changed my mind about it,” she says.

The shoe designer Rosen is known for, “The House Slipper,” are made from a synthetic leather that’s also made from bamboo, and the firm also offers a range of shoes that are made in other countries.

Rosen says she’s also seen a huge influx of customers from China, where she’s the sole owner of a clothing store called “Bamboo Fashion.”

“In China, people are interested in fashion and they want to feel good,” Rosen says.

“You can go into a store and see that they don’t have any brands, and they don`t have any products,” she adds.

“The style of this house is very, very different from the style of the traditional Israeli house.”

Rosen, who has her own store in Jerusalem, says her sales have increased since she started selling her shoes in Israel in 2011.

“Now we`re selling every day,” she explains.

The shoes have been a big hit with shoppers, especially young girls who enjoy the classic shawls.

“A lot of people come to the store and ask for a pair, and I`m amazed how many girls ask for the same shoe,” Rosen explains.

She’s also noticed an uptick in customers who wear the shoes outside the home.

“We`ve noticed that people are really excited to buy these shoes,” she laughs.