Pinoy House Design: The Pinoy house is a stunning and modern design

Pinoy City, Philippines (AP) The country’s oldest urban center has a stunning Pinoy-style house design that has become a signature of the city.

Pinoy house designs have become a symbol of the Philippine state and have been adopted by other cities and states.

The Pinoy houses were created by Pinoys-born architect Francisco J. Bocan and were inspired by the old style of houses in the Philippines.

Bocan was a pioneer in the field of urban design in the 1960s and 1970s.

He was known for his minimalist design with small but sturdy rooms that could accommodate large families.

Pinoys are known for having a high rate of poverty, but the country has one of the lowest rates in the world for poverty.

A survey conducted in 2017 by the Philippine Institute of Planning found that nearly half of the households in the country lived below the poverty line.

In addition to housing, the Pinoy style houses are designed in a fashion that promotes urban living and green living, the Philippine Star reported.

As of this year, more than 200 Pinoys were living in houses in Manila and other cities, according to the newspaper.

Juan Carlos Cuyot, president of the National Housing Corporation, said the city plans to continue the tradition of Pinoys houses in their design.

“We will continue to develop the Pinoys style of house,” Cuyo said in a statement.

According to the Philippine Government, the city’s Pinoy design has been adopted from the traditional house design in Mexico.

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