The house painting is a ‘love letter’ to the gods

The house painted by local artist K.M. Shambhir has the title The House Paintings.

Shambhirs work has become a favourite among young women and has a strong connection with the Hindu gods.

Shami, a native of the city, told The Hindu that she wanted to paint a house for a girl named Shami.

Shamy is the daughter of the god Shiva and her father is the god Brahma.

She said she painted her house in memory of the gods and their mother Goddess Kali.

Shami, who works with an art school in Chennai, has also painted other houses in the past.

Her mother Goddess Durga and the gods Lakshmi, Lakshmi Devi and Kali are also part of the painting.

She said she wanted her house to represent the people of Chennai, a city that is often neglected by society.

“There are so many gods in the world and this house is meant to symbolise the people.

It will be a place for us to share our love with them,” she said.

“I’m not asking for a large sum but I am trying to do something good for the city.”

Shami said the house was not her first work but it was a tribute to the deities.

“My family always prayed that it would be a house that would be used for a festival or for the house, so that we could use it for the festivities,” she told The Hindus.

“People used to say, ‘What is your house for?’

But now we don’t need a house and we are happy to have it.

It’s a symbol of us and it represents us,” she added.