How a modular house transformed the city into a DIY hub

By Matt McClainPublished May 15, 2018 12:14:59A new kind of modular house is taking shape in San Francisco.

The idea is to make the house smaller than you need it to be to be a home.

But that’s not the only innovative design taking shape around town.

We spoke with the architects behind a new modular house that’s a perfect example of how to build a home from scratch, using just about any piece of wood, canvas, metal, and a bit of glass.

Here’s what it’s like to build the house in San Franciscos modular house, designed by the designers at Avant Garde Design.

It’s not quite a home, but it’s the same as it is if you’re building a home for yourself, the architects say.

It’s also not a house, but a room where you can set up your living space, or maybe an area where you might store a collection of items.

It all depends on what kind of project you’re trying to accomplish.

The first modular house was built in 2016 and was completed by the architects at Aptos House, which is based in the heart of the Mission district.

The first modular home in the city was built by the builders at Rooftop and designed by architect Mark McVean.

The modular house at Roode’s, designed and built by Avant, is located in the Mission.

It is a very simple concept.

You can put it anywhere and it will work just as well anywhere.

It just has a different function than the standard modular house.

It is a modular space where you don’t need any kind of walls.

So you can put a kitchenette in the front, a bathroom in the back, or a bedroom in the middle.

It has no walls and is very, very small.

We wanted to design a modular home that would have a lot of options, because it’s a small space and you can’t get a lot more space than that, says architect Mark McNeal.

It can be really simple or very complex.

You have to be able to think of a lot different things to make it work.

The house is actually very modular, but the architects are still not sure how it will be built.

They have a concept for a modular kitchen, but they’re still not certain about that yet.

It has all the basics that you could need in a home: a sink, microwave, refrigerator, TV, TV remote, and TV receiver.

There’s a lot to consider here.

You need a space for storage.

The only thing that’s missing is the stairs.

It will have to have a way to get up and down, because that’s the only thing we need.

You could actually go in and put the whole thing together.

The whole house is made of wood.

The exterior is also wood.

It also has a very, well, minimal exterior, which means it will still have a little bit of color and texture.

The entire interior of the house is covered in canvas, but that’s just the exterior, because you don,t need a whole wall to cover it.

You just want to make sure that the room is clean and there are no things in it that might smell or taste bad.

So it’s not like a house that has an air-conditioner.

It needs to be dry.

We had to use a whole lot of carpeting.

The room is completely air-cooled.

We don’t have a separate, heated space for this room, because there’s no need for that.

It would be more comfortable to have two or three different places where you could be inside the house.

We want to keep it really air-con, because if it is too hot or too cold, it will become too hard to open up the windows.

The space is very small, so it has to be very compact.

It doesn’t have to feel like it’s going to take up much room.

You don’t want to have an area that you can move into.

You want to be in the house all the time.

You also want to not have too much clutter, because clutter will make it very difficult to store all your stuff.

There’s one door that goes up to the attic and one that goes down to the basement.

There are a couple of stairs leading up to that room.

We also have a window at the top of the stairs that opens onto a very large balcony.

The house has three bedrooms.

There is also a small, open space that’s completely empty.

There isn’t much of a space between the two bedrooms.

The kitchenette is in the backyard.

The door to the kitchen is in one of the bedrooms.

It does have a mirror in there, so there’s a very clean, well-lit environment, but there are some small gaps in the window that make it hard to see into the room.

The doors open into the attic, so that’s another space that you don.t need to use