How to make your home look like an Islamic shrine

DESIGNER: I wanted to use the architecture of my own house as a platform to explore the idea of a mosque and its role in my personal identity.

THE FACT: In the Islamic faith, mosques are the place where people congregate for prayer, the place of worship, and the place to pray after meals.

I wanted my home to reflect the nature of a Mosque as a place of meditation, contemplation, worship and pilgrimage.

The design for my mosque features a dome-shaped building and a white roof with a black outline and a black line running from the dome to the ground.

It features a small courtyard, a small prayer room and a minaret that rises from the roof.

I wanted my mosque to be a place that was welcoming and safe, but I also wanted it to be accessible for the Muslim community.

MY DESIGN: I have been a Muslim for 30 years and have spent many years in London as an English and International Student.

WHAT I WANT: My mosque will be a beautiful place to worship, but it is also a place where I can experience Muslim traditions in a more personal way.

It is important for me to incorporate a number of elements that reflect my identity as a Muslim, and also my faith.

As a Muslim living in the U.K., I am often asked what my favourite place is to worship.

I find it hard to answer because I don’t think there is one.

My personal favourite is the Mosque of Bali, located in Indonesia, because I feel like it is a place I can worship and experience Muslim rituals in a way that is both comfortable and peaceful.

My design for the mosque includes a large prayer room with a white floor, a black minaret and a red and white striped banner hanging from the ceiling.

The banner reads: “May God Bless Bali”.

It is my favourite banner and I have always felt it has the potential to change how I approach prayer and worship.

The building has a white marble floor with a yellow brick roof.

The mosque has two small rooms with white marble floors.

There are also white marble steps leading to a smaller room on the ground floor.

I would like to incorporate some type of religious elements into my design.

MAIN POINT OF VIEW: My main point of view for my design is the mosque.

I think the mosque has been an important part of my identity and my religious experience for many years.

My goal is to integrate elements of this mosque into my designs.

The design is meant to reflect my personal journey as a young Muslim who left home at the age of 14 and settled in London.

I am a graduate of the University of Sheffield and am currently working in the field of Islamic architecture.

WHY I WANT TO MAKE MY MUM A Muslim: I am very interested in Islam, and I want my daughter to grow up in a Muslim family.

I have never really been involved in Islam before.

HOW I PLAN TO USE MY MONEY: My mother-in-law is a Muslim and I will use my design as a stepping stone towards creating a Muslim home for her and her family.

WHO I AM: My name is Yasmin Khan, I am 28 years old and live in London, England.

I work as an independent freelance designer and am also working on a book.

WHERE I AM NOW: I currently live in South London, the same area as my mother- in-law and her husband.

My parents are very supportive of my decision to leave home and work from home.

MUM’S NAME: She is Mariam Khan, and her full name is Asma Khan.

I live in the same house as my parents.

HOMESTEAD: The house I am living in is the same one from the movie ‘Mulan’.

WHEN I WANT THE MUM TO BE A MUSLIM: I want Asma to have the opportunity to be able to experience the mosque and the teachings of Islam in her life, while also being able to observe the Prophet Muhammad.

I want to build a home that I can live in and visit regularly, which will allow her to experience Muslim tradition in a personal way and to also have her own private sanctuary.

How to create your own design for a mosque article A mosque is a structure that is designed to accommodate a group of people for prayer and prayer.

It can be either a dome or a roof.

Dome architecture is built of wood or stone.

A dome-like structure with a rectangular shape is usually the most popular, but the majority of mosques today have curved roofs.

Dome structures are also used in the construction of other buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals and universities.

In this article, I will talk about the different types of dome architecture, their architectural qualities and the benefits and drawbacks of them.

In Islamic architecture, dome architecture is often associated