What to expect at the Amakan Cup Final

Amakaans stadium is set to host the final of the Amako Cup between the Sarawak Tigers and the Sarangani Dragons on Friday night, and the hosts will hope to be in the semi-finals with a 2-0 win over the Dragons.

The Dragons had a comfortable win over Sarawaks last time out, but Sarawangans will have to fight to reach the final as they are currently the defending champions.

The Tigers were favourites, but have dropped points from last season and are in a precarious position with just four games remaining.

The last time the Dragons played in Amakam was back in January, with the Tigers defeating Sarawams, 3-0, in the last round.

It is a win-win situation for the Dragons as they will be able to see some familiar faces on the pitch as well as the home fans who have travelled the world to watch the game.

The hosts are looking to improve on the performance of last year’s champions and they have taken on a new challenge in the Amokan Cup final.

They have a very good attacking squad with many of their stars from last year coming back into the team. 

It will be a big match for the Sarwanis, who are without captain Jeroen Mijatovic (hamstring) and goalkeeper Ben Jandoum (ankle).

It will also be an exciting game for the players and fans, as the Dragons are likely to be facing the first-ever semi-final in the history of the game with the Amackans being the home team.

There will be plenty of attacking opportunities on offer for both teams. 

The Dragons have already been on a good run with wins over the Tongan champions, Namibia’s Namdag and the UAE’s Faisalabad.

They were beaten in the quarter-finals by Sarawames, and also beaten by the Tongans in the Semi-Final in January. 

Both teams will be looking to pick up points in the final and it is possible the Tigers will be the better side to take the first points in their bid for the title.

The Sarawans have not won a cup final since the 2013-14 season, but they have been in good form recently, winning the Amarka Cup final and the Amekan Cup last season.

They also won the Sarakan Super League last season, and are currently in second place in the standings. 

Despite losing some key players, Sarawagans are still favourites for the final. 

They have had a lot of injuries to the squad this season, with players such as captain Jari-Matti Ahuja (knee) and defender Maksim Maksimenovski (kicker) both out.

The defence, led by goalkeeper Ben Tewani, will have some of the best players in the league. 

Tigers coach Alok Virk, who is a former Sarawachan player himself, will be keen to make sure his side is ready for the semi finals and also take advantage of the fact that the Dragons have been struggling this season. 

“It’s a big game for us.

We are not the same team that we were last season,” Virk said after the Dragons defeat.

“But it’s good to be back in the finals, because it’s a great opportunity for us to show what we can do and win it.” 

 It is clear that the Sarwaks are favourites to win the Amukan Cup. 

Their win over Tonga last season was one of the most memorable matches in the club’s history and their first trophy in 14 years. 

In the same year, Sarwak won the Aminkan Cup in their first campaign in the Super League, and they won it again in 2019. 

Sarawak’s performance in the Champions League last year showed that they have the talent and quality to make it back to the final, and Virk has been working hard to keep his side motivated in the competition. 

There will be no home tie for the Amarakans, with their final clash coming against the New Zealand Warriors. 

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