Boat house design: Post house design

The design for a boat house in New Zealand’s remote island of Oahu may look like an old-fashioned log house, but the owners say it’s the first of its kind.

The design, which is called the “Log House” by the owners, uses a log-covered foundation that creates a floating house.

The house also includes a small log cabin with a wooden deck, a log fire and a log floor, according to the design website.

The home is open to the public for free.

(AP) The design is an effort to promote the “traditional house,” a term that describes a house that is made of wood and other materials, said Mike Hulmes, who designed the house for the Pacific Rim Living Foundation.

It’s designed to be “more like a log cabin” with a log fireplace and a wooden floor, Hulmas said.

The idea is that the log cabin will be part of the home, while the fire will be used for cooking.

Hulms, who is also the director of design for the San Francisco Bay Area-based Pacific Rim Family Foundation, said he hopes the log house will be the inspiration for a similar house in the Pacific Northwest.

“The Pacific Rim family foundation is a foundation that provides support to families in the area that are in need,” Hulme said.

“We have a tremendous impact on the people of our community.

It would be a tremendous boost to our community if we could create this house.”

The foundation was created in 2016, when Hulums and his wife, Mary, bought a log house on Oahu.

Hulsmes said he has a lot of experience in the traditional home and had a lot in common with the owners.

“They just wanted a house to use for their family and to use as a community center,” Hulses said.

HULMS: I’ve always loved traditional houses, even though I grew up in New York.

And I had a little bit of a fascination with the log as well.

The log cabin was a little more out of the ordinary, the fire was just a little less sophisticated, but I thought it was really unique.

The owners, who are from the Pacific Islands, wanted to build a house with the traditional design and the log floor.

I think it was a good idea to use the log in this way, so that it would be the first log house in a different place.

So that’s why the log is there.

It helps to bring the house together, rather than separating it, said Hulsums, who also owns the New England-based Oahu Museum of Art.

“I think that’s one of the things that makes it unique, the log deck,” he said.

A log house can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, especially when it’s used for fire protection.

The island of Hawaii is a popular destination for log homes, and a small number of such structures have been built on the island.

A couple of weeks ago, a man who lived on a log home near the Hawaii island of Kauai was found dead.

Police said the man had been homeless and had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Huliks family owns the log home in Oahu, which was built in the 1930s.

It has been on the property for about 30 years.

HULLES: I think the log will be very iconic in the region.

We’re hoping it will be seen by people that have seen the log, people that are looking at the log and want to know what’s the story behind it.

“Log houses are a wonderful way to have something for people to enjoy in the world and to have a home that’s different,” he added.

HULMS & MCCAIN: The Log House is the most successful house of its type in the U.S. The Pacific Rim Foundation is a New York-based foundation that supports families and young people in need, the nonprofit said in a statement.