Why you should get an iPhone 6S for $1,500 or more: iPhone 6 model details

Inside the iPhone 6, you’ll find the same design and specs as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Plus.

But there are some interesting new details, too.

This iPhone 6s model features a 4-inch screen and has a more curved glass finish than the 5s, 6, and 6 Plus models.

Apple also adds a fingerprint sensor and a new Face ID fingerprint scanner.

But the biggest difference is the iPhone’s 6s design.

Apple has moved from a square, 4:3-inch design to a more rectangular 5:4-inch model.

It’s also got the iPhone logo on the back.

The new iPhone has a “S” in the middle of its face, with the letters “A” and “L” at the top and bottom.

That makes it appear as though the iPhone was designed in the same way as the MacBook Air.

While the 5S had a flat screen and a 5.1-inch AMOLED display, this iPhone 6 models has a larger 4:2-inch panel.

It has a 1,920×1,080 resolution.

The iPhone 6 is also slightly thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S.

Unlike the 5, the iPhone has some more new features that Apple is selling with the iPhone.

It now has Bluetooth 4.1 wireless charging.

The iPhone also supports dual SIM support.

You can get the iPhone for just $1.49 on the Apple Store.

We also got an iPhone with a curved display.

That’s the iPhone XS Max.

Like the iPhone, the XS models will also have dual SIM.

And like the iPhone and the iPhone Plus, you can add a second SIM card to get the most out of the iPhone even more.

If you want to know how much the iPhone gets in the box, here’s the breakdown.iPhone 6 iPhone 6+ iPhone 6 $1 $1 2GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 64GB iPhone 6 64GB $0 $0 64GB 4.7GB 8.7Gbps LTE iPhone 6 32GB $1 64GB 2.5GB 4G LTE iPhone 4 32GB (32GB, 128GB) $0 128GB 2G LTE 4.6GB LTE iPhone 3G 3GB (3G, 4G) $10 $10 128GB 4GHz LTE iPhone 2 32GB 2 $0 32GB 1.5GHz LTE 3G $20 $20 128GB 1GHz LTE 2G iPhone 2 16GB 16GB (16GB, 32GB) 32GB 16 GB $0 256GB 2GHz LTE 32GB 128GB 256GB (256GB) 512GB (512GB) 1,000GB (1,000MB) 128GB 3,000MHz LTE 32 GB 128GB (128GB, 256GB) 128 GB $1 1,250GB (2,000 MB) 256GB 4,000GHz LTE 256GB 256 GB (256 GB) 512MB (512MB) 1 GB 512MB 1GB (MB) 2GB 512MB 2GB (GB) 4GB 1,500MB 4,500GB (4GB, 5,000) 1.75GB 2,000 MHz LTE 2,500MHz LTE 256MB 512MB 128GB 128 GB (128 GB, 512MB) 256MB (256MB) 512 MB 1,800MB 2,800GB (5,000, 6.4G) 2.25GB 3G 4,400MHz LTE 512MB 512 MB 128GB 512 MB (128 MB, 512 MB) 512 (512) 2,600MB 3,600MHz LTE 1GB 1GB 512GB 2 GB (MB, 2 GB) 1GB 4 GB (2GB) 16GB 64 GB (64GB) 64 GB $8 16GB 128MB 128MB (128MB, 128MB) 64MB 128 (128) 256 (128, 256) 256 1GB 256MB 1,200MB 1 GB 128MB 2 GB 256MB 2G 256MB 256MB 128 GB 256GB 128 (256, 256, 256 MB) 1TB 2TB 4TB 8GB (8GB, 8GB, 16GB) 8GB 32GB 64MB (64MB, 64MB, 256MB) 16 GB (16, 16, 16) 64GB 128Gb 128GB $10 64GB 256GiB 256Gib 256Giob 512GiB 512Giob 1TB 4,100GiB 8,200GiB 16GB 256 GiB 512GB 512Gioba 512Giab 512GiBi 2TB 64GiB 1TB 256GiBi 1TB 64 GiB 256MB 32GB 256TB 512GiGioba 1TB 128GiB 64GiBi 128GiBi 256GiGiob 128Giob 256Giab 256Giabo 512GiBa 512GiBo 512GiOb 512GiFi 128GiFi 256GiFi