The new house designs for 2017

House design outside the US are coming soon to the west coast.

And the best ones will be from Australia.

A lot of house designs from Australia, particularly Sydney, are also coming to the US soon, with Melbourne’s new, more modern houses, the first in a series of new house styles in Australia, coming to town.

I had the chance to talk to the designer, architect, and builder behind these new designs and find out what it was like to build them.

What are you designing in Australia?

My design studio is located in the suburb of Wollongong.

We do a lot of work on projects in the Sydney area.

One of the projects we did recently was a house for an international client called Cascadia Design, which is located just down the road from my studio.

It’s a beautiful house, and we’ve been working on a few of the designs for a few months.

So we thought it was time to do something new, and the house was the first.

How did you decide what the house should look like?

The concept was really simple.

We were looking at a house, we thought, we’ve seen these houses before.

We can’t see a lot on the ground that has that kind of character, so what if we went up a hill and put a big open deck in the middle of the house?

That would be really unique.

So it’s really fun to build something that’s not too big, that has a lot going on.

We also wanted to have a lot more open space.

We started with the standard white/red scheme and white lines, and then went with the black and white scheme.

That’s a classic Australian style, which means that there are no walls to break up the space, which makes it really unique and interesting.

Can you talk about the project?

We had a lot to do on this project.

We had to make a lot changes to the house to make it a more open house, so we went with a big deck, which meant that the space had to be bigger.

We started with an interior design, which included an open plan design that would have a little more open design.

We then went to the next step of getting the facade to be a bit more exposed, so that we could have more light coming in through the windows.

We went with an exterior design, as we wanted to get the home feeling more like a traditional Victorian house, with a lot fewer windows, and lots of light coming into the house.

We tried to find some really cool touches like a fireplace that we put up on the front, a small kitchen with a fireplace, and a little patio that was really nice, so it would make it feel more like an Australian backyard.

Where are the houses coming from?

Australia is a country that has been a hotbed for home design for a long time, and this project really showcases the potential that we have in this country.

Is there any special significance to these new houses in the US?

They were designed by a local architect named John Davenport.

I think that’s a really strong link with Australia.

John is really known for building a lot house styles that are really distinctive and unique to his country.

For example, the house that he designed for the Australian Government, which was designed by the Australian Federal Government, is really a very modern house that is completely different from the houses we see all around the world.

So John is one of those people that really wants to make something that is really unique in his country, and he’s also really well known in Australia.

Are these houses coming to other states?

There are quite a few house styles coming to Australia, and one of the houses that I’m working on is the house of the year, and I’m hoping that this will become the home of the century.

So I guess the answer is yes.

I’m looking forward to seeing the designs come to the States, as well.

We’re planning on doing a lot.

There are already a lot in the pipeline.

The next house is coming out in 2019.

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