How to create a great design for your Zen House

A new design for the Zen House is coming and the folks at ZenHouseDesign are proud to announce that the design is now available for download for anyone to use.

ZenHouseDesign has designed and implemented the design on a 3D printed case that was used in the design for their first house in San Francisco.

This is a great way to get some hands-on experience and see how a 3d printed design will look before you get stuck in to designing it.

ZenHouse Design has also put together a handy tutorial for anyone interested in creating their own design for Zen House.

In addition to the design, ZenHouse also released a video detailing how to print your own designs and a book of free Zen House templates that can be used to build your own design.

Zen HouseDesign has also posted a series of videos to help you get started on building your own house.

Check out the ZenHouse design gallery and be sure to share your thoughts and experiences on the Zenhouse design in the comments below!