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The world’s coolest homes design contest is here

It was a good day for home design, as a series of home design contests were being announced.A number of these contests featured the most incredible designs, such as this gorgeous house designed by Apti, which is based on the model of a French colonial house.But for some, the competition was less about design and […]

The new pole house design concept looks a lot like the original

The pole house is the ultimate home for those who want to make a splash, but don’t have the budget to spend on a custom home.Designed by the famous architect, Roberta Lofts, the pole house sits on a hill and is inspired by a traditional house.The pole house was created by Roberta and Paul Lofts.The […]

How to Get the Best Hotel in Bangladesh

Designers and designers from around the world have been designing luxury hotels in Bangladesh since 2007.Now, it’s the year 2017 and designers are turning their attention to luxury hotels.“The hotel industry is not a stable one,” said Shanti Jha, the founder of the design house, in a press release.“There is a lot of uncertainty about […]