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When will we be able to see how much of a house’s design was influenced by the artist who created it?

The question has long plagued architects, but a new study suggests that designers who are paid for their work can see the design process as much as anyone.The report, by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that people who receive a $1,000 award for their first design can see it through to the […]

Why building a hilltop home is like designing a movie theater

Designing a hillside home is often considered a “classic” of architectural style.Its simple, compact, and affordable, but it is also the most common building style for luxury residential construction.This article explores how different styles of architecture can be adapted for different purposes.To begin, we’ll look at the traditional hilltop house design that’s typically used for […]

How to Build a Viking House Design for Small Spaces

Small homes have long been the preferred homes of many adventurers and the world’s largest cities are increasingly looking to create more efficient and sustainable urban living.While there are still many questions to be answered about the future of these homes, the first step is to design a small house for yourself.With a little imagination […]

How to Get Away With Murder: The Story of How House Seven Became a Icon of Design in Urban America

The House Seven, a five-story luxury condo in downtown Toronto, has been the subject of numerous urban design studies over the years.Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, it is one of only a handful of condos in the world that is truly designed as an architectural landmark.The house, designed by the architectural firm Pritzker Architecture, […]

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